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Recycling symbol showing DAPY's commitment to a circular economy

At DAPY, we are committed to the principle of sustainable development and the continuous optimization of eco-friendly manufacturing over the long term. Through our diligence in innovating and evaluating our processes, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities and thus make a contribution to carbon reduction and climate protection.

We strive to use only premium and recycled or recyclable materials from sustainable sources. We prove our commitment trhought SMETA and ECOVADIS certifications and are currently in the ISCC Certification process.

We work closely with our clients to optimize the design of the product for second life purposes and proper recycling depending on the existing channels and processes of the destination country.

We design our battery operated systems to be rechargeable and easy to dis-asssemble for maximum reusability and end-of-life cycles.

We optimize product packing and logistical freight operations to minimize the carbon footprint during transit.

We're continuously investing in our facilities to reduce energy consumption from the administrative level to manufacturing operations.

We use only environmentally friendly inks and treat or send to treatment all used water.

We're always investing and researching biomaterial alternatives to use and offer as part of our scope of capabilities for a greener future.



DAPY has developed and is continuously working on new alternative materials to create innovations through recycled plastics and bio-sourced materials. Through the last few years, DAPY has focused even more interest to the environmental challenges we are facing together as a community and is working closely with experts and industry leaders to reach carbon neutrality.

DAPY's commitment for using renewable energies


DAPY is thrilled to introduce a revolutionary biodegradable technology to the packaging and display markets. This groundbreaking solution is designed to biodegrade our products in landfills by simply adding sustainable additives to the transformation process which allows microbes to break down plastic polymers, and make our products fully biodegrade in 1-4 years in a rich environment.


This technology not only mitigates the impact of plastics but also aligns with the growing global consciousness towards sustainability. By adopting this solution, we are not just managing plastic 0 waste; we are actively contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.

How does it work ? 

pictos biodegradable additives-06.png

Mixing raw materials

pictos biodegradable additives-07.png


pictos biodegradable additives-08.png


pictos biodegradable additives-09.png

Product shelf life

pictos biodegradable additives-10.png

Natural biodegradation

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