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Founded by Pierre-Yves Azuelos in 1980, DAPY pioneered the manufacturing of fashion accessories in transparent acrylics for the biggest houses of perfume and cosmetics around the world. Aware of the capabilities of acrylic materials in the luxury packaging and POS markets, the young company shifted its focus towards this path while always staying true to its family company values. 

In 1992, DAPY was the first European company in this sector to invest in production plants in Asia and develop new technologies for large-scale efficient productions. Since then, DAPY has extended its capabilities to also deliver small-scale productions and prototyping in various materials.

Our strength is in our capacity to imagine, innovate, and create custom packaging, VAPs, influencer sets, POS displays, and other items that respect your product and your brand identity.

Our history
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From the beginning, DAPY has continuously proven its ability to conceptualise, innovate, create and manufacture products that fulfill our client's needs. The originality of our projects transcends the grounds in which they are used. From a nightlife environment to the department stores and within your homes, our products enhance the customer's experience. More than 30 years of experience and renewed trust from our clients have enabled DAPY to develop a unique skill in the domain of luxury.

technical study

Your original ideas will be our starting point for us to develop technical drawings to turn your most creative ideas into a reality.


Our team of skilled engineers will adapt the design for manufacturing feasibility, aesthetics improvements and applicable sustainable solutions.


Our very own prototype workshop gives you the ability to preview your project from the start in order to make any changes you may see fit in designs, materials and dimensions.


We produce everything in-house thanks to our various production sites across China and Taiwan, Europe and the USA. We master all types of materials and production process to offer various ways of achieving small and large production series.

quality control

Each production is subject to strict internal QCs at every step of the process and through a third party to ensure that each item leaving the line with our quality standards.

logistical services

You can rely on our proactive and reactive teams to carefully assist you in every step of your project.

Our process
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Quality design and flawless, authentic product have been fundamental to DAPY's philosophy throughout its 40 years of manufacturing. Integrity and savoir-faire are engineered into every product. Rigorous procedures and quality control standards ensure proper manufacturing your brand's story can stand behind.



DAPY started by pioneering the transformation of acrylics in many domains and has since expanded its production capabilities to offer mounted cardboard, wood, metal, as well as a list of sustainable and recycled solutions such as Bamboo and Recycled Acrylics. Our production processes are established in such a way that we carefully pay attention to the provenance of the materials to ensure they are sourced sustainably. We then work with our clients on ways to inform the end user and ensure our products are recycled and repurposed towards a second life. From design to production, we offer the best solution to your eco-friendly cardboard packaging that meet luxury standards and aesthetic.
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