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Founded by Pierre-Yves Azuelos in 1980, DAPY pioneered the manufacturing of fashion accessories in transparent acrylics for the biggest houses of perfume and cosmetics around the world. Aware of the capabilities of acrylic materials in the luxury packaging and POS markets, the young company shifted its focus towards this path.

In 1992, DAPY was the first European company in this sector to invest in production plants in Asia and develop new technologies for large-scale efficient productions. Since then, DAPY has extended its capabilities to also deliver small-scale productions and prototyping in various materials.

Our strength is in our capacity to imagine, innovate, and create custom packaging, VAPs, influencer sets, POS displays, and other items that respect your product and your brand identity.



From the beginning, DAPY has continuously proven its ability to conceptualise, innovate, create and manufacture products that fulfill our client's needs. The originality of our projects transcends the grounds in which they are used. From a nightlife environment to the department stores and within your homes, our products enhance the customer's experience. More than 30 years of experience and renewed trust from our clients have enabled DAPY to develop a unique skill in the domain of luxury.

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