Premium Quality Disposable Packaging

DAPY has been associated with quality and responsibility

from the very beginning and is ready to tackle on the

challenge of combining eco-friendly solutions into the designs and manufacturing processes. All of our molds

and instruction manuals ensure the final users to be fully

informed of the proper recyclable solutions.

Transportation CO2 Friendly

We take the consumption of CO2 in the transportation of our goods very seriously and at every step. That is why we try and mitigate the transportation factor through optimized shipments that combine multiple orders so to reduce our carbon impact. Additionally, we aim at using only hybrid trucks for in land transportation

when available. 

Recycled & Recyclable Materials

We have established close ties with material suppliers

for all our factories in order to predispose of injection

wastage properly. During the production process, the generated material waste is crushed and reused. If we cannot reuse it, we send it to special centers for other recycling usage. 

Second life

We always aim at creating impactful packaging and POS solutions with a second purpose in mind. By proposing post usage possibilities into the design, some of our most popular items are kept by the consumers and never need to enter the circular life of recyclability.

Produced by injection using renewable bamboo mix.

Environmentally Friendly Inks

We realized many of the items proposed on today’s markets don’t meet the criteria for recyclability because of the inks used to print logos. Whether the material is acrylic, cardboard, wood or metal, the unremovable add-ons nullify the recycling possibilities. That is why we are partnering with trusted suppliers to replace all of our inks with environmentally friendly solutions that allow the items to be disposed properly.  

Rechargeable Light Systems

One of the main sources of wastage are single use battery powered items. With every project, we propose to our customers a rechargeable solution to exponentially increase the life expectancy of our items. Our own patented line of rechargeable light systems fits that purpose. 

Reduced Energy

It takes even the smallest step to make an impact. At DAPY we have been pioneers by retrofitting all the offices and factories with LED lights that consume up to 10 times less energy. Additionally, we plan to adapt the roofs of our buildings with state of the art solar panels.

And we will improve this consumption continuously.

Organic Materials & Biodegradable Materials

For the past few years, we have worked extensively in developing new injected solutions using organic and biodegradable products.

We already propose many choices in eco-friendly materials that are bio-sourced and can be up to 100% Plastic-Free.