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Technical Study

Your original ideas will be the starting point

For us to develop technical drawings to turn your most creative ideas into a reality. In constant research for new materials and technologies, our engineers and designers travel around the world to find the latest trends and innovations to nourish your ideas with technical guidance and insights.


Our very own prototype workshop

Gives you the ability to preview your project from the start in order to make any changes you may see fit in designs, materials and dimensions. Receiving and holding a physical unit will allow your team to study the project in its integrity before you commit further financially. 

Quality Control

Each production is subject to strict quality controls

Internally at every step of the process and through a third party to ensure that each item leaving the line withholds our standards and your brands quality. In addition to that, our production sites have passed the audits from the biggest players of the luxury industry.

SMETA 4 PILLAR | ISO9002 | ISO14001 | OHSAS 18001 | SEDEX


A perfect control of the production processes

To go further in the excellence of its creations, DAPY extends its expertise to other materials and processes such as: fabrication, thermoforming, paperboard, wood, metal, leather, textiles, light and sound systems... Always pushing towards innovative bespoke solutions, we're always looking for new and creative ideas to incorporate in our products.


We produced everything in house

and make sure of keeping up to speed with the needs of a constantly evolving luxury sector. Our sourcing offices and production sites in China and Taiwan are complementary to meet any new request. We master all types of materials and offer various ways of achievement to produce either small or large series.

Logistic & Follow Up

You can rely on our proactive and reactive teams

To carefully assist you in every step of your project. Through a close-knit partnership with our production sites, we ensure a prompt coordination and provide you with continuous communication and updates, all the way to final delivery and after sales service.

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You are invited to come and visit our showrooms in Paris and New York to discover our latest innovations. We will help you brainstorm in order to find the most creative ideas, see how we can work together in order to improve your brand image and create something truly beautiful for the future.